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 Liuyue Auto Camp

Liuyue Auto Camp

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200m north of the north gate of Beach Park


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  Hotel details

【Hotel Introduction】

Speaking of people’s favorite way of traveling nowadays, camping is definitely ranked first, and the trips people take whenever they want on Tiktok are very enviable. However, if you come to our Changde, then you don’t have to envy others, and your video maybe go rival at our Liuyue Auto Camp as well. Liuyue Automobile Camp covers a wide area of 280mu. There are both RV campsites and tent campsites. It is a place where you can eat, drink, play and enjoy. You can rent tents here and enjoy the fun of outdoor camping. Our camp also has a RV hotel, a container hotel, and a modern cabin. The hotel is clean and tidy, fully equipped, and even come with a separate small courtyard. Those will be the best choice for your fellow travellers if they are not used to camping. 

Worry free about accommodation, then what activities can you play here? In the leisure and entertainment area of more than 10,000 square meters, there are many projects such as kart racing, car cinema, children's playground, adult development, etc. People can always have fun here no matter they are couples, family or friends etc., so it’s a place where all different groups of people can have fun. When you are tired, you can find something delicious on the container creative street. When the night wind is cool, you can also grab a seat at local barbecue stand or bars. This kind of leisure can not only gets rid of the monotony of countryside, but also gives you a total relaxation in the Lake and mountains.

【Featured accommodation】

The Liuyue Auto Camp covers a wide area of 280mu. It has a RV hotel, a container hotel, a cabin hotel, and a wooden tent area.

1, RV hotel: RV hotel is about 40-80 square meters, each house is divided into a couple's RV, family RV, living room, kitchen, bedroom, sofa, wardrobe, TV bed, bathroom and other equipment, all with independent small courtyard. It can accommodate 20-30 people. You can invite several friends to have a tea chat here, thus you can enjoy the experience of another feeling of high-end outdoor hotel while close to nature.

RV Hotel Exterior 1

RV Hotel Exterior 2

RV hotel interior 1

RV hotel interior 2

2 Container Hotel: The container hotel is piled up and down by staggered containers. The toughness of the exterior steel is matched with the fresh and colorful candy style. The built-in comfortable and warm soft furnishings are also equipped with a family jukebox. Full floor-to-ceiling glass creates an invincible viewing room. On the second floor terrace, there are comfortable tables and chairs, so you can watch the stars at night, and enjoy the sunrise in the morning.

Container hotel 1

Container hotel 2

3, Cabin Hotel: The Liuye Lake RV campsite also has an “eco-wood house”, also known as “breathing room”, which is all built with environmentally friendly materials and supplemented with water-based paint, and is also equipped by hotel rooms’ standard. 

4 wooden tent area: the camp has a wide lawn and a variety of camping and entertainment facilities, and it can provide self-driving RV, tent camping and KTV, etc. for customers to enjoy.

 wooden tent area 1

【Campus facilities】

There are drive-in car theaters, bonfire places, Paohuzi cards culture centers, and event plazas to meet your outdoor activities.

Drive -in car theater

Campfire camp (bonfire party, campfire buffet, etc.)

Paohuzi Cards Cultural Center

Camp restaurant

Event Plaza (parent-child activities, outdoor development, etc.)

【Attraction Nearby】

Luowan bird watching, Liuhu Shayue, Golf International Club

【Gourmet in the camp】

Barbecue stands are provided for you to roast whole lamb if needed.  The guests of container Hotel and RV hotel can also experience the outdoor BBQ in the courtyard of the hotel. 

With fresh and tender meat with professional stands we provided, you will taste the unstoppable delicious food here.


Bus:1, Take the Y26 travel line, route details: Big and Small River Street - Happy Water World; important bus stops: River Street Pier, Changde Electric Power Bureau, Changde Daily Newspaper Office, Catholic Church, Liuye Lake Tourist Service Center, Liuye Fengfan, Sima Building, Zhantianhu Parking Lot, Liuye Lake Fishing Center, Che Yin Bookstore, Luowan Bird Watching, Baijiayuan Manor, Liuyue Camp, Beach Park, East Bank Trestle Parking Lot.

2, Bus 30, Route details: Changde Army Division - Zhantianhu Community; important bus stops: Xiaoximen, City Museum, Luowan Bird Watching, Baijiayuan Manor.

By car: Please search for “Auto camp”, route through Langzhou Road. "

  Hotel Policy

[check in and check out] check in time: after 14:00 check out time: before 12:00 [children's policy] no guests under 18 years old are allowed to check in without a guardian [Payment] No credit card allowed

  Hotel Facilities

Liuyue Auto Camp is located opposite to Liuhu Shayue (a Beach Park) and covers an area of 260 mu. It is currently the most functional and the largest RV campsite in the province. The RVs are imported from the United States. Moreover, the RVs function just like mini homes: there are beds, sofas, coffee tables, refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs, water heaters, and even WIFI, so it’s a place definitely can be called home even though it’s tiny. The RV has two types: couple room and family room, which can accommodate 3-4 people. There are a large bed and a bunk bed in the family room. There are a large bed and a sofa bed in the couple room. Each suite has a exquisite garden courtyard with an area of approximately 42 square meters, which can accommodate 20-30 personnel to party. There are patio tables and chairs, outdoor cook stands, and outdoor umbrellas. We also provide delivery service to the RV, and you can choose from authentic Chengdu features brazier barbecue, outdoor KTV, tea, milk tea, etc.

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