Round the lake experience

Holiday Guide

Biking at the scenic belt


Riding is a healthy and natural way to travel.

Can fully enjoy the beauty of the travel process

You can go out with a bicycle, a backpack 

Simple and environmentally friendly

Experience challenges in the constant difficulties

Experience the joy of success at the end of the journey

In the birds and flowers on the shore of Willow Lake

Biking freely

You can bring your beloved mountain bike, road bike

Bicycles can also be rented at the Willow Lake Visitor Service Center.

Free rentals at Gonghe Hotel and Jinjiang Hotel for guests

You can also use shared bikes with your friends.

Breeze all the way

The vast expanse of Liuye Lake 

 willow leaves swaying in the wind


How much do you like this enjoyment?

Waiting for you to come and experience it yourself