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Tiliu Changwan, Fisherman singing the night song


Fishing songs ring through rosy clouds; some anglers wait by the fishing pole hiding themselves in the shade of willow leaves; the setting sun reflect on the lake and several lines of birds fly hurriedly back to their nests.  

Liuye Lake has a profound fishing culture background. Its vast waters and cool water quality are extremely suitable for fish survival, so it is also a paradise for fishermen to work and harvest. Once upon a time, fishermen boated on the lake, casted a net fishing leisurely, and achieved self-sufficiency and contentment. 

Situated at the junction of city margin and Liuye Lake, Fisherman Park is traced back to this situation. The hydrophilic bridge built by the combination of curved bridge and arch bridge creates a hydrophilic experience of various elements for people, which reveals the close harmony between human and nature everywhere. In the warmth sunset, several fishing boats flutter on the lake surface lightly, reproducing the scene "Yu Ge Chang Wan” or “Fisherman singing the night song". Zhang Wei, a Tang poet, has a poem: "Stay up late on the lake admiring the moonlight and go up the hill on the lake tirelessly appreciating the scenery. In such a beautiful scenery, people are not

intoxicated and won’t live up to the flowers in the east garden.”  The scenery which made Zhang Wei raise his wine to praise is surely just like that on Liuye Lake.

Warm tips:

Located in the Liuye Lake Tourism Resort in Changde City, Hunan Province, it is recommended to ride around the lake for leisure.

Recommended length of play:0.5-1h.