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Dreamy Land Of Peach Blossoms Garden


"The cave of Qin people is secluded and the hills are green; the clouds are dyed with pine trees and the fog veils the mulberry tea garden." "With peach blossom and flowing water in this blessed land, let’s get into the dreamland of peach blossoms". Any poem of praise for Taohuayuan contains deep feelings and any song about Taohuayuan are touching. Under the pressure of the fast pace of work and life, "where can there be a dream land---Taohuayuan" is still the question that modern people love to ask.

Guided by the theme of "green symphony, flourishing garden" of the Ninth Garden Expo, Dreamy Land Of Peach Blossoms Garden utilizes historical and humanistic resources such as “Taohuayuan” and Changde culture, comprehensively applies local stone and plant materials in Changde, and uses modern design techniques displaying the ancient and modern rural scenery of Taoyuan.

Warm tips;

Located in the Liuye Lake Tourist Resort in Changde City, Hunan Province, it is recommended to ride around the lake for leisure and check-in. You can also navigate to the “Changde Liuyuan Jinjiang Hotel” parking lot by yourself, by Sun Avenue, Wanshou Road, and then walk or ride along the spring waterway. 

Recommended length of play: 0.5-1h.