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Language Square: Keep The local tone


"Mandarin can make you go further, but dialect can let you never forget where you started. Mandarin can make you communicate very smoothly, while dialect can make you feel infinite warmth." 

In Changde, the dialects are divided into Lizhou dialect(from four counties: Lixian, Linli, Jinshi and Anxiang), Shimen dialect, Dingcheng dialect, Taoyuan dialect and Hanshou dialect, distinguished and marked by two rivers in Changde- Yuanjiang River and Lishui River. The language square, with the theme of reflecting the language and culture of Changde, is designed with landscape lamppost, landscape wall of dialect and three-dimensional sculpture. Among them, there are 5 dialect walls, and two sentences of the most representative and characteristic dialects of the five places are selected on each wall, which are displayed by hollow-out or welding process, and two-dimension codes are attached to the wall for scanning and reading, even if people who are not familiar with "Deyu" namely, Changde dialect, can "understand" in seconds. Three groups of three-dimensional sculptures are quite artistic and full of personality. The first group of three-dimensional sculpture is located in front of the main entrance of the square.

It is the brand of language square. On the brand, the whole abrasive cast iron is selected and the characters “Changde, Wuling, Fangyan” are printed on it. The 2nd group chooses the artistic form of Lu Ban Knot, use the expression technique of movable type printing, and, in natural stone materials, carve some expressions in Changde dialects, such as "meishuoqi”, “dexie”, “kuabaihua". It not only arouses your great interest but also gives you a deeper appreciation of art. The third group of three-dimensional sculptures is placed on the base of natural stone veneer with hollow three-dimensional dialectal Chinese characters of "lingxing", "namendi" and stainless steel three-dimensional alphabet is also sprayed on the base. 

"The local accent is the loudest sound, and this sound has the warmth that can make people cry." Language Square, take you to feel the warmth.

"Che Luantan" is placed on the side of the stone chair

"Lingxing" turned into a hollow stainless steel three-dimensional sculpture

"Namendi" three-dimensional dialect Chinese characters


Warm tips;

Located in the Liuye Lake Tourism Resort in Changde City, Hunan Province, it is recommended to ride around the lake for leisure, and navigate to the “Language Square” by Liu Ye Avenue, Liuquan Road and Huanhu Road. There is a parking lot, a small specialty shopping shop, and a tourist restroom.

Recommended time: 0.5~1h.