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Changde: Today Tomorrow


Must-see Attraction

Beautiful view of Liuye Lake

  • Tiliu Changwan, Fisherman singing the night song

    Fishing songs ring through rosy clouds; some anglers wait by the fishing pole hiding themselves in the shade of willow leaves; the setting sun reflect on the lake and several lines of birds fly hurriedly back to their nests.

  • Dreamy Land Of Peach Blossoms Garden

    "The cave of Qin people is secluded and the hills are green; the clouds are dyed with pine trees and the fog veils the mulberry tea garden." "With peach blossom and flowing water in this blessed land, let’s get into the dreamland of peach blossoms".

  • Language Square: Keep The local tone

    "The local accent is the loudest sound, and this sound has the warmth that can make people cry." Language Square, take you to feel the warmth.

  • Sixian Square, the musical heritage

    Changde Sixian is a national intangible cultural heritage, which originated in the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty and is widely popular in Yuanjiang River and Lishui River in Hunan Province.

  • Bird watching in Luowan: leisurely and fun

    The total area of Luowan bird watching project is about 48,500 square meters, including land area of 69,000 square meters and water area of 416,000 square meters. There are more than 40 kinds of terrestrial plants in the park, more than 20 kinds of aquatic plants.

  • Liuye Sailing Hotel: not only beautiful

    The sailboat building in front of us is "Liuye Sailing Hotel ". It is not only beautiful but also a good place to play, where visitors join in the games so happily that they repeatedly thumb up.

  • Shanshui Shande: Green connets you and me

    Shanshui Shande Garden on Liuye Lake is just based on this virtue and uses it as the spiritual clue of the space. With the theme of "let green connect you and me, the botanical garden integrate into life", the essence of Changde landscape is condensed.

  • Poetry Rhyme Of Willow Leaves

    "Chinese Poetry Competition" has successfully inspired more and more people to feel the interest of Chinese poetry and review the beauty of Chinese poetry. The romantic and poetic Changde people also carved Tang poems on the wall of the scenic belt around the lake, thus forming this vivid "poetic rhyme of willow leaves" cultural corridor with pictures and texts.

  • Sima Building: Historical Building

    The historic building of ancient style and ancient rhyme is built to commemorate the Tang Dynasty "Poetry" Langzhou Sima Liu Yuxi.It consists of the main building, the viewing platform and the corridor pavilion.

  • Liuye Lake International Golf Club

    Liuye Lake International Golf Club is the top championship course in Central South China. It is backed by Sun Mountain and the faces Liuye Lake. Her presence adds another highlight to Wuling!