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Changde: Today Tomorrow


Must-see Attraction

Beautiful view of Liuye Lake

  • Liu Yue Auto Camp: Romantic house

    When it comes to the way modern people love to travel, camping definitely ranks high on the list. And on Tik Tok, we can see traveling in an RV is really envious of others. You don’t have to envy others when you come to Changde.

  • German style street: "Chinatown" for foreigners

    Located on the North Bank of chuanzi River and the west side of Qiliqiao, The "German style street" we are visiting is based on the design of Hanover, a German city.

  • The best runway in the scenery

    Some people say, the beauty of Dema lies in the track. Surrounding the scenic Liuye Lake, there are four scenic areas beside the track, namely, the Liuye Lake Scenery Belt, such as Diliuyuge, Songfeng shuidai, Liangtianmeichi and Heshanhuazhang.

  • Happy Water World: Passionate and cool summer

    Screaming and laughter blends here, excitement and novelty collides here. 21 top water sports projects will kick off a journey of adrenaline impact, including the most popular projects around the world - big horns, king of the world's water racing - vertical slides, falling style water speed slides - big loop, Deep sea whirlpool experience project - giant beast bowl, the world's largest magical interactive water village - happy water village.

  • Beach Park: Liuhu Shayue

    Golden beaches, blue lakes, green tropical trees, gusts of breeze, fragrant flowers and plants, with a pleasant music and colorful kites, constitute a three-dimensional dynamic landscape map, so that guests from afar or people living here in Changde can feel the wonderful scenery of the city's “sea”.

  • "Yuan Li Farming Charm Garden": natural wildness

    The designers of "Yuan Li Farming Charm Garden" think of this point. They make full use of the surrounding environment and topography of the exhibition park and integrate the farming culture into it through the traditional and modern gardening methods, so that the concept of harmonious coexistence between human and nature permeates the whole park.

  • Fictitious land: enjoy a welcome relief

    The Fictitious Land is located in the scenery of the Liuye Lake around the lake. The best way is to ride and there is a small leisure place to experience the gardening skills.

  • Beautiful villiage "Sun Valley"

    The beautiful village of "Sun Valley" is the city's natural oxygen bar, the resting place of the soul.Close to Liuye Lake, backed by the Sun Mountain, the beautiful courtyards, the folk customs are simple and beautiful.It is enough to make you feel the pulse of the country and wake up the feeling of returning to the countryside.

  • Taiyang Mountain: Drunken in its beautiful view

    Sun Mountain is the last peak of the Wuling Mountains extending eastward. The main peak of Jinding is 560.56 meters above sea level, known as the "the first peak of Xuantian”

  • Night cruise on Chuanzi River: Dream back 3000

    But there is such a place. It has a beautiful name called Chuanzi river. It has been wearing for thousands of years to release our complex feelings and takes us into a real paradise.