Provincial tourist resort

Changde: Today Tomorrow


Must-see Attraction

Beautiful view of Liuye Lake

  • Baihe Town: inspire your feeling of Ancient town

    On the edge of the picturesque Liuye Lake, the food inn of Baihe Ancient Town, the characteristic commercial street and other attractions are full of classical atmosphere. On the green hills, rows of white walls and lush green trees, Show the poetry of the town.

  • Huxian Island: Little Dragon Girl's Love Story

    Order a cup of coffee or a cold drink, lie on the lakeside wicker chair, bathe in the cool breeze, and enjoy the scenery on the other side from a different angle.

  • Changde RiverStreet: the homesickness

    The stars of the moon in the sky light up the lights of the purple river. Compared to the river street during the day, the night is really intoxicating.

  • East Bank Trestle: Connect modern art and natural

    The image of Xiangrui, which is composed of “Qinglong, Baihu, Xuanwu, and Zhuque”, has been launched the scenery of fortune and luck, which is a combination of “landscapes and mountains and rivers, and dragons and phoenixes”, is about to start. Every time you come to the East Bank Trestle for leisure, you will be able to bring you health. Good luck with the smooth.