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Good color and taste, endless aftertaste

Stewed Beef Brisket

The beef is slowly simmered in the pot for more than 2 hours, the structure of the muscle fiber will become loose, the tenderness of the meat will recover, and the connective tissue in the flesh will be transformed into gelatin and continuously released. The lubricity provided by the gelatin will improve the taste of the dehydrated beef and make it more crisp. The beautiful scenery of Liuye Lake will let you slow down and savor her mountains, trees. “Where is the time?” The dishes are especially integrated with the local characteristics of Changde’s scorpion, which highlights the atmosphere of the “diffuse” life culture of Liuye Lake. Let you experience a different lifestyle and enjoy the authentic cuisine of Changde.

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Hotel Address: No. 198, Quanshui Road, Liuye Lake Tourist Resort, Changde City, Hunan Province (near Liuye Lake)

Contact number: 0736-7128888