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Liuyuan Wugufeng

Liuyuan Wugufeng: Millet porridge is recognized as a good stomach product. It is placed in the carved pumpkin pot. Don't have an appetite. Fill the health rice, glutinous rice and white jade mushroom with the scorpion carved with melon and fruit. A scene of harvest The protein of wild rice, which contains a variety of trace elements and high dietary fiber, is a rare health food, which can be called the king of “rice.” It is also known as “caviar in cereals”. It is a kind of beauty food, and the regular food can keep the skin of the human body shiny and delicate. The combination of the whole dish means the people of Changde Liuye Lake to build rich and rich Hunan, beautiful Changde, created The good wishes of Liuye Lake National Tourism Resort are the beautiful life of Changde people, the rich harvest of grain and the beautiful display of life.

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Hotel Address: No. 198, Quanshui Road, Liuye Lake Tourist Resort, Changde City, Hunan Province (near Liuye Lake)

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