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Sport surf - speedboat


When you come to LiuYe lake, you can't help playing in the water. In addition to the romantic and cozy boat and wooden boat, you can rent a speedboat, which is fast and fast on the clear water surface. The misty water mist is flying in the air, and even the sunlight seems to be rippling again and again.

Route 1: Liuan Qingxin Tour

Wharf, huxian Island, sima Building and hydrophilic Road

Price: 5 seats / 300 yuan per ship (about 3-5 minutes)

Route 2: tour around the island

Wharf, huxian Island, dreamlike Peach Blossom Island, sima Building 1st ring

Price: 5 seats / 600 yuan per ship (about 7-10 minutes)

Boarding address:

LiuYe Lake Tourist Center Wharf