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Taste The breath of Liuye Lake


Tour Recommendation: The resort area around the Liuye Lake International Golf Club is perfect for relaxing. Along with the golf, you will erase your tired feeling. Learn more about birds in the "Luowan Bird Watching" wetland. The varieties of green plants make people wander happily in the lush greenery. There are many garden expo like Changde exhibition gardens on the banks of the giant lake. Strolling through them, you will feel the fresh along Liuye Lake.  

Summary of attractions: Liuye Lake International Golf Club, Luowan Bird Watching, Yuanli Farming Charm Garden, Shanshui Shande, Dreaming Land of Peach Blossoms Garden, Fictitious Land

Entertainment details:

01·Liuye Lake International Golf Club

Liuye Lake International Golf Club covers an area of more than 1,200mu and has a 7290-yard course, is designed by world-class golf course designer Nielsen Haworth. It has an international championship-class standard 18-hole course and 72 pars. We guarantee that it is an ultimate enjoyment to have a golf here.

In addition to the high-standard golf course experience, the scenery also makes people linger around. The artificial lake and the mountains are in harmony with each other. The fairway is a natural and full of the charm of the mountains and rivers.

Fare Details:

Single: Workday: 910 yuan / field; Weekend: 1110 yuan / field.

Membership card: Lifetime system: 178,000yuan; Business partner system: 48,000 per 25 games, 18 holes per game.

Single-player single time: 90 yuan for 100 balls.

02·Luowan Bird Watching

This is an ecological wetland where the mountains and lakes merge, the city and the lake meet, and the mountains and lakes are integrated. Every spring, there are about 133 species of birds such as the graceful white crane, the light wild duck, and the elegant swan came in from afar and joined us for a spring date. Watching birds in the wetlands, enjoying the moon by the lake, strolling in the acorus calamus grass and the bank of a lake full by willow, Luowan Bird Watching Wetland Park will help you start a fun life like a “free cloud wild crane”.

03·Garden Expo Changde Exhibition Park

Yuanli Farming Charm Garden 

The design and concept of the Yuanli Farming Charm Garden is ingenious. 

It is based on the ancient city site of 6500 years ago, namely “Chengtoushan ancient culture” and the farming culture of Yuanli River Valley. It integrates the farming culture into it through the traditional and modern gardening methods. By building farmland, crops, water grinding houses, altars, totem poles and along with other trees with regional characteristics, it will present a rich landscape cultural characteristic and localism.

Shanshui Shande

Old saying goes: "Changde Mountain has virtue, Changsha water has no sand", why is there a virtue in the mountains? Only the people from the mountain have virtues, and good people here show their virtues, which makes them famous even faraway, so this location is famous too, and people here got even more good fame. Through the various forms of water to praise the character of the water, the extension of the terrain and the lush green of the plants to praise the sublime of the mountain. We use the space of Buddhist , the beautiful poetry, the ode to the gentleman's virtue to express Changde people’s modest and noble character. The landscape is a combination of mountains and rivers, expressing the theme of harmony between nature and people.

Dreamy Land Of Peach Blossoms Garden

“Dreamy Land Of Peach Blossoms Garden” is "the city in the peach blossom –a focus of the charm of Changde. The whole garden landscape is composed of four districts, namely, Tao Lin asked "source", poetry gallery, Wuling spring view,crossing fields.

Fictitious Land

There is a peach garden in everyone’s heart. It was designed as a concentrated version of the scenic spot—Taohuayuan and extracted its refined essence. The harmony and tranquility here seemed to slow down the time. After thousands of 

years of ups and downs, Taoyuan has only one spring “When you come to the paradise, there are thousands of thousands of distances between you and the outside world. An elegant and refined wonderland outside the vulgarity of the world can make your heart become peaceful. Here you re-examine yourself and see what your heart is really looking for. If you cannot hide from the floating world, at least, you still have such a pure land to stay peace and quiet, so that you are able to enjoy a welcome relief in the corner of the city for half a day. 

Gourmet guide:

Recommended nearby farmhouse - Baijiayuan Manor, contact information: 0736-2127777, Luhua chicken specialties, you can also pick fruits and vegetables.

Baijiayuan Farm

Featured recommendation - Luhua Chicken

Accommodation guides: It is recommended to stay in the surrounding hotels: Swan Resort Hotel, Gonghe Hotel, Liuyuan Jinjiang Hotel, etc.

Traffic Guide:

Self-driving: Navigate to “Liuye Lake International Golf Club”, via Zhantianhu Ring Road, Langzhou Road and Yanshan Road;

Bus: Take the Y26 travel line, route details: Big and Small River Street - Happy Water World; important bus stops: River Street Pier, Changde Electric Power Bureau, Changde Daily Newspaper Office, Catholic Church, Liuye Lake Tourist Service Center, Liuye Fengfan, Sima Building, Zhantianhu Parking Lot, Liuye Lake Fishing Center, Che Yin Bookstore, Luowan Bird Watching, Baijiayuan Manor, Liuyue Camp, Beach Park, East Bank Trestle Parking Lot.