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recommendation: The sports experience-based Liuye Lake holiday route, including the most beautiful round-the-lake marathon track and cycling track; running or biking here, you will experience beautiful view at 360-degree; There are also a variety of water sports such as parasailing, jet skis, yachts etc on Liuye Lake  ..... This will be a perfect combination of moving and still, which is an experience of romance and passion.

Projects: Marathon, cycling, water projects: Parasailing, jet skis, yachts, sailboats, pedal boats, rolling balls...

Entertainment details:

01·The Lake Marathon Track & Cycling Track

With a total length of 42 kilometers, the Liuye Lake Lake Marathon is the only professional marathon track in the country around the lake, here, you will have the most comfortable running experience. The track consists of two parts, one side is the longest red asphalt road in our province, which is 8 meters in width; on the other side is the traffic lane. Since 2016, the “Liuye Lake International Marathon” will be held every November, which is known as “the most beautiful PB track” (PB, Personal Best, meaning personal best). Every day, many people run or bike here in the morning and evening. 

Surrounded by the beautiful Liuye Lake, there are four scenic areas beside the track, namely, the Liuye Lake Scenery Belt, such as Diliuyuge, Songfeng shuidai, Liangtianmeichi and Heshanhuazhang. With 21.8 square kilometers of water, the lake melts into the sky. Blue waves ripple and the stretching red runway complement each other

02·Water Project

The parasailing is an exciting high-altitude activity and it will take you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the entire Liuye Lake from the "God's perspective".

The jet skiing combines the beauty of Liuye Lake with the exciting of moving skiing together, bringing the collision experience of “speed and passion”, which will surely give you a wonderful memory.

The motorboat is operated by Liuyehu Langhua Water Development Co., Ltd., and is driven by a professional coach. Each time it can carry 1-2 people, 150 yuan / boat, the experience time is 10 minutes.

The yacht on Liuye Lake can take up to 20 people and one trip cost about 8888/hour. Take a tour around Liuye Lake to enjoy the wind, the view and the sunshine.

The tall sailing boat allows you to experience the thrill of sailing on calm and clear water. There are three types: large, medium and small. The large sailing boat can accommodate up to 40 people at a time, 1800 yuan/boat, and the tour time is 2-3 hours. The medium-sized sailing boat can accommodate 4 people at a time, 400 yuan/boat, and the tour time is 2- 3 hours; small sailing boat can accommodate 1 person and is currently available for free for primary and secondary school students.

The pedal boat integrates sports, entertainment, leisure and other functions. When the whole family is here, the most popular among children is the pedal boat.

The pedal boat on Liuye Lake is 25 yuan/person/hour, and each pedal boat can be played for 50 yuan (that is, two people).

The ball uses the rule of buoyancy on the water to place people in the plastic ball. There is running water at your feet.  If the left side is kicked, the ball rolls to the left, and if the right side is kicked, and the ball will roll to the right. While shaking from left to right, people experience the great joy there. 

Rolling ball on Liuye Lake is 25 yuan one time, and each play time is 10 minutes.

Gourmet Recommendation:

Hezhou soft-shelled turtle ecological industrial park,Songguiyuan farm.

Hezhou soft-shelled turtle ecological industrial park

Whether the soft-shelled turtle is braised, steamed or turned into soup, it is delicious and fresh contains high nutritional value.

Songguiyuan Farm

Featured recommendation – Big Mandarin fish in a pan

Accommodation guide:

It is recommended to stay in the surrounding hotels: Hua’erfu Hotel, Liuyuan Jinjiang Hotel, Gonghe Hotel, etc.

Transportation guide:

Self-driving navigation to the "Liuye Lake Visitor Service Center", via Liu Ye Avenue, or take the Y26 Travel Line bus to the Liuye Lake Visitor Service Center to start the sports experience tour.

Y26 tourist line: River Street - Happy Water World, through the roads of Ziyuan Road, Liuye Avenue, Huanhu Road, etc. The route includes River Street, Jinfeng Chuanzi, River Street Wharf, Berlin International, Changde Electric Power Bureau, Changde Daily Newspaper Office, Catholic Church, Liuye Lake Tourist Center, Lotus Park, Willow Sail, Datang Sima, Zhantianhu Parking, Liuye Lake Fishing Center, Jinjiang Hotel, Chenyin Bookstore, Luowan Parking Lot, Luowan Bird watching, Baijiayuan Manor, Auto camp, beach park, Hetianju Lake yard, East Bank trestle parking lot etc.