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Tour of Tang Dynasty culture


Attractions: Tourist square ~ sima Building ~ Sima ~ Poetry Rhyme Of Willow Leaves~ huxian Island (Biography of Liu Yi)

Recommendation: take the tourist square as the center, experience the Tang culture of Liuye lake, and enjoy the ancient style and charm. It’s perfect for a relaxed walking while enjoy the rich cultural vibe and beautiful view. 

From the grandeur of Sima in the Tang Dynasty to the seclusion of Liu Yuxi in sima building, you can slowly walk along the Bank of LiuYe lake into the " Poetry Rhyme Of Willow Leaves ". You can enjoy the story of "Liuyi's biography" on the Huxian Island of the lake, like a dream back to the Tang Dynasty. There are literati gardens and alleys; there are Changde sixian and ancient strings; there are elegant scenery of water and clouds; there are also magnanimous scenery of rivers and mountains.

The tourist service center, which has many functions, is also the symbol of Liuye Lake tourist resort. It has become another attraction of LiuYe Lake because of the beautiful building itself and its useful function.

The whole landscape of the tourist service center

the interior of the tourist service center

The light box on the wall of the tourist service center are formed by numerous beautiful pictures of the main scenic spots and activities of the LiuYe Lake tourist resort.

Sima Building was built to commemorate Liu Yuxi, Sima of Langzhou, the "poet of Tang Dynasty". It consists of three parts: the main building, the viewing platform and the Gallery Pavilion. The exterior of the main building is a three-story Tang style building, with a multi-functional exhibition hall inside, displaying many pieces of Liu Yuxi's historical works.

Poetry Rhyme Of Willow Leaves is 3.8km in length, and it is the largest cultural wall of Tang poetry in China that has been rewarded with a Guinness record of Shanghai world. The landscape cultural walls are equipped with lighting and voice music interpretation facilities. The recitation and interpretation are divided into two versions of Mandarin and Changde dialect, which are full of charm.

Guinness records

culture wall

 under night lights

Huxian Island, just like the left bank of Seine River in Paris, has green natural scenery, and it’s close to the city and far away noisy. You will find blue lake presented in front of you at any rand glance, which will let your eyes and mind suddenly become bright and broad.

Panoramic view of Huxian Island

scenery of Huxian Island

romantic Huxian Island

Gourmet recommendation: in the selection of the ten famous dishes in LiuYe lake, Liuyuan Jinjiang Hotel won the first prize for its "stewed beef brisket" and the third prize for its "Liuyuan wugufeng". These two dishes will also become the must-have dishes to Jinjiang hotel. There are more western food, snacks etc. for our guest to choose from.

Liuyuan Jinjiang Hotel: Wugufengdeng

,Liuyuan Jinjiang Hotel: Stewed Beef Brisket

Recommended Hotels: Jinjiang Hotel, Swan Bay Resort Hotel, Gonghe Hotel, Hua’erfu Hotel, etc.

Attractions nearvy: LiuYe Lake International Golf Club, Beach Park, Changde River Street, German style street

Transportation Strategy: LiuYe Lake Tourist Service Center: Bus: No. 38, Route details: LiuYe Lake—Dongfang Jiayuan, via Catholic Church, Yuxian bridge, City Sports Center, pedestrian street, Water Conservancy Bureau, LiuYe Lake Tourist Service Center and other stations. ② No. 51, route details: happy water world LiuYe Lake Tourist Service Center, passing by baiheshan vehicle management office, Quanshui bridge, LiuYe Lake Station, LiuYe Avenue, Changde daily, Catholic Church, LiuYe Lake Tourist Service Center and other stations. ③ Y26 tourist line: River Street - Happy Water World, through the roads of Ziyuan Road, Liuye Avenue, Huanhu Road, etc. The route includes River Street, Jinfeng Chuanzi, River Street Wharf, Berlin International, Changde Electric Power Bureau, Changde Daily Newspaper Office, Catholic Church, Liuye Lake Tourist Center, Lotus Park, Willow Sail, Datang Sima, Zhantianhu Parking, Liuye Lake Fishing Center, Jinjiang Hotel, Chenyin Bookstore, Luowan Parking Lot, Luowan Bird watching, Baijiayuan Manor, Auto camp, beach park, Hetianju Lake yard, East Bank trestle parking lot etc.

Sima building: y26 tourist line

Huxian Island: arrive at LiuYe Lake Tourist Service Center and board at the wharf