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Enjoy the charm of the sea in the city


Tour Route: Liuhu Shayue - Happy Water World - Ferris Wheel - Liuyue Auto Camp.

Route overview : take Liuhu Shayue as the center, enjoy the passionate projects such as the beach buggy, sand skating, beach volleyball, have fun in the amusement in Kale planet and happy water world, and experience many thrilling and exciting amusement projects. In the evening, you can watch a movie in drive-in car theater, hold a bonfire party, barbecue, or take a Ferris wheel to feel the charm of the sea in the city under the starry sky.

Liuhu Shayue is an open lakeside beach resting area with the theme of "Lehuo sands". The beach is about 1530 meters long. Here you can play beach volleyball, fast sand skating, beach buggy or come here for a walk, and take a breath of fresh air, and feel the wonderful scenery of the sea in the city.

Overlooking Liuhu Shayue

beach volleyball

sand dancing

Happy water world, the world's first island water theme park, 21 top-level entertainment projects will give you a thrilling water adventure

Island Water theme park

,water world entertainment

Ferris wheel is the eye of Changde, it can take you to enjoy the magnificent scenery of Liuye lake. You definitely have to experience her romance!

Eyes of Changde - Ferris wheel

 romantic flower sea Ferris wheel

Liuyue auto camp, with RV hotels and tent campgrounds, integrates eating, drinking, playing and enjoying together. Rent a RV and tent here and enjoy the outdoor camping.

Full view of the Auto camp

 there are campfire facilities

outdoor drive-in car Theater


 the big head fish of LiuYe Lake in liuyeqing Hotel

the lotus flavor Saliva fish from Jinhua Manor

Recommended Hotels: Liuyue auto camp, West Lake Holiday Hotel, Swan Bay Resort, Liuyuan Jinjiang hotel.

Surrounding attractions: LiuYe Lake International Golf Club, Luowan bird watching, Baihe Town

Transportation: public transportation: y26 tourist line; By car: navigation for each scenic spot, there are parking spaces on each attraction.

Y26 tourist line: River Street - Happy Water World, through the roads of Ziyuan Road, Liuye Avenue, Huanhu Road, etc. The route includes River Street, Jinfeng Chuanzi, River Street Wharf, Berlin International, Changde Electric Power Bureau, Changde Daily Newspaper Office, Catholic Church, Liuye Lake Tourist Center, Lotus Park, Willow Sail, Datang Sima, Zhantianhu Parking, Liuye Lake Fishing Center, Jinjiang Hotel, Chenyin Bookstore, Luowan Parking Lot, Luowan Bird watching, Baijiayuan Manor, Auto camp, beach park, Hetianju Lake yard, East Bank trestle parking lot etc.