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Liuhu Shayue is an open lakeside beach recreation area with the theme of "Lehuo Sands". On the beach of about 1530 meters long, every sand is delicate sea sand, and they are from places faraway like Fujian and Guangxi just to give you the most comfortable experience.The beach park has many partitions and powerful functions. If you are a sportsman and want to come to show yourself, you can choose the beach course area, the beach equipment area, a beach volleyball or try a quick sand slide; if you want to have a perfect date with a lover, then we recommend you to come here for beach camping; if there are children in your family, we believe that playing in the beach area will make them have a good day; of course, if you don’t want to do anything, just come here and take a look and walk around, it is a pleasure to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the blue sky and white clouds.

Ticket price

  • Free admission to Beach Park
  • Sand sculpture exhibition20yuan / person
  • Sand sliding30yuan / 2 times
  • Beach bike60yuan / 10 minutes

Transportation Guide

  • Line 1:

    Langzhou North Road – Cross Luowan Bridge - turn right and go straight along the lake road

  • Line 2:

    Ziyuan Road Passes Wucha - Cross the Liuye Lake Bridge - From the Happy Water World to the Lower Bridge - Turn Right and Go straight - go straight along the lake Road after the Liuye Lake East Bank Trestle Bridge;

  • Bus route: Y26 tourist line under "Beach Park Station"