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 Ping'an Inns

Ping'an Inns

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Baihe Mountain Town Wanjinzhang villiage #5


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  Hotel details

【Hotel Introduction】

Standing in front of a house called "Ping An" in Baihe Town in Liuye Lake Tourist Resort, you will be fascinated by what you see there. The green bricks and grey tiles are simple but elegant, the courtyard walls also show the unique classic beauty, and the carved beams and paintings are exquisitely crafted. The whole building is a kind of beautiful scenery itself, and it integrates with the long-lasting traditional vibe of Baihe Town as well. It’s hard for tourist to imagine it’s actually an Inns if they don’t visit in person. 

Passing through the tall gatehouse, you will see a courtyard. The entrance is the main vestibule, with a patio in the middle, a shadow wall on the front, and rooms on all three sides of the courtyard. The loft that has three-storey on the east, and two-story on north-south is built like ancient style. The quadrangle built around the gate building is mainly made of wood structure, with blue brick columns, pavilions and galleries with windows, showing the natural, simple, secluded and elegant artistic concept A few green plants in the courtyard are lush and addictive. The vestibules are surrounded by fine water, and the fish play in it, and the quietness is revived. Through the vestibule and a hall, there is a small courtyard behind. Surrounded by greenery, a swing is placed under the shade of green. Stepping on a bluestone pavement, you feel the fresh air and simple feeling, which makes you free from the reality and enjoy the peace. 

【Types of rooms】

There are king-bed room, double standard room, and king-bed room with playroom. The rooms are antique and have the Jiangnan ancient charm.

King-size bed room

Double standard room

King-bed with playroom 

A corner of the room

【Inn facilities】

Leisure area, tea area, KTV leisure area, all kinds of leisure facilities make you calm down and slow down when you enter.

Leisure area 1

Leisure area 2

Leisure tea area

KTV leisure area

【Attraction nearby】

Happy water world, Ferris wheel, Zhuque square, east bank trestle, Liuhu Shayue, Liuyue automobile camp, Luowan bird watching.

【Cuisine nearby】

Jixiang Gourmet inn


Bus: Bus 13, route details: Mercury tower business square--monkey lane; important bus stops: Cultural Palace, Liuye Lake Station, Wucha, baiheshan village.

By car: Please navigate and search "Ping'an Inn, Baihe Town, Changde", via S306, Liuyehu bridge and Wanjin road. "

  Hotel Policy

Operation hours: Noon time 11:30am - 13:30pm; Night time: 17:00pm-19:30pm

  Hotel Facilities

All rooms in the hotel are equipped with branded electrical appliances, branded sanitary wares, and branded air-conditioning. We also ensure the adequate hot water supply. The main room types are: Deluxe Double bed, superior double bed, deluxe suite, and family suite for family vacation

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