Provincial tourist resort

Changde: Today Tomorrow


Liuye lake morning rhyme

Away from the noisy of City

  • Speed and passion of Kart cars

    Maybe you have never rode a locomotive a sports car that has never been driven by a second.But it can make you meet the inner brooding dream of racing.It’s cool and exciting in the movie, now it can be true here​That's right! It is a kart!

  • Gentlemen's sport--Golf

    Under the Yangshan Mountain, above the lake bay, the warm wind caress, the grass and fragrance.The golfers are able to swing in this beautiful natural wonderland, forget the vulgar, calm your mind

  • romoantic cabin on the lakeside

    I want a courtyard by the Liuye Lake Away from the city,No car, no dragons, no neon flashing.Hold a book, have a cup of coffee, listen to a piece of music.Facing the Ocean, Spring and Blossom.

  • sunbathing on the beach

    Beach park on Willow Lake Every grain of sand is faraway like Fujian and Guangxi.The beach of about 1530 meters long,You don’t have to travel to the beach to meet your sunshine and beach aspirations.

  • Fishing leisurely

    Fishing has been loved by people since ancient times.It’s a leisure fun way to rest.

  • Outdoor Camping

    Relieved people's anxiety and despair,Arouse the courage of life.Go to the jungle field, the beach by the sea Meet the Milky Way in the dark night and the stars,Waiting for recovery and tomorrow.

  • water sightseeing bus

    Drifting boat and changing scenery,The only thing that remains the same is you.The happiest thing in the world,Is be with you and enjoy the beautiful view on this Chuanzi River.If you love him/her, please take him/her to Chuanzi River .

  • Biking at the scenic belt

    Riding is a healthy and natural way to travel.Can fully enjoy the beauty of the travel process.You can go out with a bicycle, a backpack ,Simple and environmentally friendly.

  • Running on the marathon track around the lake

    ​The track consists of two parts,On one side is the longest red asphalt road in our province. 8 meters wide,On the other side is the traffic lane.