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Introduction of facilities
  • giant beast bowl

  • Tornado

  • Peach blossom bubble pool

  • Water roller coaster

  • Rafting River

  • Carnival square

  • Giant slideway

  • Golden beach

  • Interactive water castle

  • Hani Fountain

  • High speed slide

  • Giant Loop

  • Vertical slide way

  • Skyscraper

  • Happy Family Slideway

  • Rotating Dragon

  • Happy water village

  • SPA Greenland

  • Rainbow track

  • The wave pool

  • The giant horn

  • Sliding downward in the fully sealed slideway; when entering the bowl, the float is almost perpendicular to the ground. After two turns in the bowl, you will enter water pool from the black pipe. Very exciting!

    Riding on the slide, you will go through a continuous enclosed space. Swooping down through the big waves along with screams, you will come across many sharp turn, rotation and swings. Zero gravity makes you completely stick to the slide, which will be a thrilling journey like a tornado.

    There is no way we are going to lack of peach flowers in Taohuayuan. Put the peach blossoms into the bubble pool. There are both flowers and bubbles, which are beautiful and fun.

    The thrill and acceleration of the roller coaster make everyone scream, and what kind of magical chemical reaction is going to happen when the roller coaster is moved to the water? Of course, the thrilled excitement is doubled, and the surprise is doubled!

    Play with the water: if you don't like all kinds of thrilled activities, you can lie on the floating circle and leisurely float along the river, you can quietly enjoy the scenery along the way, or talk with family and friends, enjoy cool with love.

    Come to our Great Musical Fountain Square that covers nearly 500㎡! There are 172 fountains sway and dance with the rhythm of music, and it is even more beautiful under the light of laser light. Don't be afraid to get your clothes wet, and rush into the water and dance, enjoy the cool summer.

    The absolute adrenaline impact journey will always be filled with the novelty experience of "What will happen next?" After exiting the curved spiral chute, it will enter the fully enclosed slide. It will give visitors a unique experience, combining the feeling of twisting, spiraling and vibration, which will definitely make you happy

    It is a play space covered with sand in the water world. It is a good place for parent-child interaction and sand building. It is very comfortable to play, lying in the sun and even just making a daze.

    It is perfect for the whole family to play in the water happy park, you can step on the water and all kinds of fitness facilities, so you can definitely have a lot of fun there

    Bring the kids to this 100-square-meter parent-child Fountain Square and dance with the fountain. Here, you will not only enjoy a cool summer, but also laugh along with your kids happily.

    It’s mainly straight lines in general, and the height is about 18 meters. The sliding blanket is needed. Personnel should be kneeling on the sliding blanket and hold the handlebars tightly. The slide is in the shape of a ladder and the speed will increase every time the slope is over. (Hint: It is best not to loosen the grip when playing!)

    The giant loop is a relatively gentle spiral slide that is relatively flat and requires a slip ring for all people to play.

    Close to 90 degrees.Sliding to experience the thrill of falling down from the sky, which is an absolute unique experience.

    As a global water park's must-have classic play facility, the Skyscraper's selection is an unparalleled surfing experience. The spiral curve of the high platform inclines rapidly, rushing to the skyline at a very high speed, and swirling into the pool in the big skateboard.

    Happy family slideway allowes the family to ride a huge floating circle and experience the thrilling process of three periods of falling down. From the top of the equipment, family will scream and slide on landslides in different heights until the pool at the bottom of the equipment, which is perfect for the whole family to play together.

    Tourist Pass through the pipeline slide, it swings back and forth in a dragon-like slide that seems to be vacated. As the water flows rapidly and slides down, under the huge inertia of multiple corners, you can grip the raft tightly and feels the uncontrollable super-excitement

    Colorful stairs and slides stand in the blue waters of the waves, and the family is relaxed and playing together. The bucket that is higher than the roof will pours down every 8 minutes after filling the water, which is very spectacular

    Come to the SPA greenland, you can enjoy the top spa tour! The water in the pool can massage you with pure plant oil style, which can make your entire meridian active and smooth, so as to relieve your every inch of skin effectively. You can relax with your family and friends here

    The king of the world water sports. The project has a 17-meter-high special three-stage slideway that allows six people to compete on the same field. Each person dives down from a 17-meter high slideway along with rapid water, we will see who will win!

    The wave pool’s small or giant wave can bring an actual feeling of surfing in the sea. You can enjoy the water disco and the wonderful stage performance in the wave pool. Let's dance together and let go of the pressure in your mind!

    Visitors sit in a four-leaf clover float that can accommodate 4 personnel, and start to slide from the high-altitude platform. After passing through the meandering path, the float will rush into a huge horn-shaped slide, and you can get the ultimate swing experience on the water an in a rapid dive and jump.

  • Admission price

  • Transportation guide

  • activities

  • Happy Water World Ticket Information

    Daily ticket: 150 yuan / person Apply to children and adults over 1.4 meters (including 1.4 meters).

    Children and seniors: 80 yuan / person Apply to children height bewteen 1.2 meters (including 1.2 meters) to 1.4 meters (excluding 1.4 meters) children, 60 years old and older

    Night ticket: 100 yuan / person Night opening hours: 17:00-22:00

    Three time visit cards:299 yuan / personThe card is only used by the cardholder himself and is valid until the water park is closed end of fiscal year.

    Yearly card: 999 yuan / person The card is only used by the cardholder himself and is valid until the water park is closed end of fiscal year.

    Ferris wheel Ticket information

    Full price ticket: 50 yuan / person Apply to children and adults over 1.4 meters (including 1.4 meters).

    Children and seniors: 80 yuan / personApply to children in height 1.2 meters (including 1.2 meters) - 1.4 meters (excluding 1.4 meters) , 60 years old and older

    Free ticket: 0 yuan / person Children under 1.2 meters (excluding 1.2 meters) are admitted to the park free of charge, and must be accompanied by an adult who has security guardianship to enter the park.

    Package ticket information

    Project:Happy Water World + Ferris Wheel (full price 180 yuan / person, package price 160 yuan / person)

    Project:Happy Water World + Purple Manor(full price 190 yuan / person, package price 170 yuan / person)

    Project:Ferris wheel + purple manor (full price 110 yuan / person, package price 90 yuan / person)

    Project:Happy Water World + Ferris Wheel + Purple Manor (Full price 240 yuan / person, package price 190 yuan / person)

    Remarks: 1. The valid period of the ticket is 2 days; 2. Within the valid period, it’s only allowed to enter the park once for each package tickets; 3. It is only allowed to be used by one person, and the fingerprint must be entered when entering the park

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