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Away from the noisy of City

The perfect combination of still and water sports

  • Excitement- parasailing

    Parasailing, the high-altitude exciting movement on the water lake, so you can enjoy the scenery of the entire Willow Lake is seen from the "God's perspective"

  • Noble leisure - yacht

    n the "Lake in the city, the paradise of the sea", the luxury yacht is a trip you can definitely experience. The wind, the beauty and the sunshine are not to be missed.

  • Riding the wind and breaking waves sailing boat

    The tall sailing boat can let you feel the pleasure of sailing on the calm and clear water.

  • Leisure- pedal boat

    The pedal boat integrates sports, entertainment, leisure and other functions. When the whole family goes out, the most popular thing for children is the pedal boat.

  • Leisury rolling ball

    The principle of the rolling ball is the same as that of the hamster running wheel, which is to place people in the plastic rolling ball. At the foot of the ball is rolling water.

  • Beautiful wodden boat

    Let's paddle and the boat pushes the waves away..." Invite several friends, boat on the lake, breeze, and natural scenery to have a romantic appointment.

  • Sport surf - motorboat

    The perfect combination of the static beauty of LiuYe lake and the unrestrained and unrestrained water motorboat will bring the collision experience of" speed and passion ", which will surely be a wonderful and unforgettable memory.

  • Sport surf - speedboat

    When you come to LiuYe lake, you can't help playing in the water. In addition to the romantic and cozy boat and wooden boat, you can rent a speedboat, which is fast and fast on the clear water surface. The misty water mist is flying in the air, and even the sunlight seems to be rippling again and again.

  • Leisure-painting boat

    Boarded the ancient boat, tourists can enjoy tea, chat, playing cards and karaoke, enjoying the poetic and picturesque feeling of "boat walking in the water, people swimming in the painting". One of the biggest characteristics of "boat tour" is that it is not limited by time, not affected by seasons. The landscape along the way changes in four seasons, each with its own wonders. "