Round the lake experience

Holiday Guide

Outdoor Camping


Camping has a strong attraction for everyone

Experience an outdoor lifestyle is very popular nowadays

Water and sky looks like on one liine, camp bonfire

Relieved people's anxiety and despair

Arouse the courage of life

Go to the jungle field, the beach by the sea

Meet the Milky Way in the dark night and the stars

Waiting for recovery and tomorrow

01: Regular camping

At Liuye Lake, at the Beach Park, at Lake Island

Build the tent

You Can have bonfire party, barbecue or sit around

Late at night

Sleeping with the stars and the lake

02: RV camping

The RV comes with the necessary space settings for beds, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.

Also has heating or air conditioning equipment

There is also electricity supply

This kind of camping is more comfortable

In Europe and the United States, there have been hundreds of years of history.

Best location: Liuyue Motor Camp