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Let's go through the Chuanzi river

Let the body and mind take a breath in the new city scene


Chuanzi water bus!

Let’s count

Six reasons why you can't refuse to tour around the lake!


The water bus travels through the Chuanzi river

01, full transparent glass ship window 180 ° viewing

The Chuanzi River Sightseeing Bus is designed by Italian designers with reference to the German ship type and integrated into the cultural characteristics of Changde. It is specially built and operated by the old captain company. The water bus travels through the city's golden belt - on the Chuanzi river, with a transparent glass window that allows you to view the scenery along the line at 180 degrees.


02, 4D water show outlines the beauty of the Chuanzi river

Take a water bus and you will see an unforgettable view of the Chuanzi River with a 4D water show. It is reported that this is the country's first 3D image water show, the country's first 4D water surface projection, the country's first full-color laser water show. At the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, the same team used the world's leading fog and water rhyme technology to present a magnificent view.

4D water show

03. Enjoy the river street culture from another angle

Boarding the Chuanzi river water bus, you can watch the "Dream back to the Chuanzi River" reality show, both busy and busy dock workers, and beautiful women on the pier. “Xiangxi Grand Pier”, feel the busyness of work and the leisure of life, and take you back to the river street.

beautiful night view of the Chuanzi river

04, the exotic style of the German style street

German Style Street is an example of friendly exchanges between Changde and Hanover, Germany. It shows the results of Changde's foreign exchanges and cooperation, and is the exchange center for foreign affairs activities in Changde (Northwestern Hunan). The water bus runs slowly from the German-style street, and the exotic buildings and original German-style parade show make you feel like you are in a foreign country.

Exotic German style street with panoramic views

05, Touring bridge cave murals to know more Changde history

With Xiangxi embroidery as the element, mosaic tile collage, depicting the seven-mile bridge cave of the ancient night scene of Changde in ancient times; and the Baima Lake Bridge with glass painting and cutting on the theme of white dragonfly and oolong; and the traditional Chinese painting as a reference to show the ancient yuanjiang river. The Chuanzi river bus will pass through 9 bridges, and there are 7 different styles of murals under the bridge.

On the boat you can enjoy the wonderful performance on the shore.

06, real-life lighting performance is immersive

Take the water bus, you can watch the musical "Liu Hai Cutting wood", feel the love story of Liu Hai and Hu Dajie; you can enjoy the national intangible cultural heritage - Changde Han drama; you can appreciate the Changde native culture - Changde string Various types of performances. The water bus slowly passes through the Chuanzi river. You can hear Changde's yuanshui sound, and enjoy the Changde Han opera high chamber, comprehend the crisp and pleasant Changde sixian, and appreciate the beauty of the Han drama.

Drama performance on the river bank

Drifting boat and changing scenery

The only thing that remains the same is you.

The happiest thing in the world

Is be with you and enjoy the beautiful view on this Chuanzi River

If you love him/her, please take him/her to Chuanzi River 

Fares and routes:

River Street Pier - Baima Lake Park (50 yuan / person during the day);

Liuye Lake Inner Ring (Liuye Lake Distribution Center - Simalou - Happy Island - Jinjiang Hotel - Zhuque Square - Yulu Village - Luowan bird watching, 65/person during the day);

Zhan Tianhu Snail Bay Bird Watching Pier - wear Zihe Baima Lake Park (90 yuan / person during the day);

During the day, it is 90 yuan/person from the Luowan Bird Watching Pier to Baima Lake Park;

River Street Pier - Baima Lake Park (round trip 168 yuan / person, you can watch live performances on the water).