music of liuye lake

The beauty of Liuye Lake—Chen Sisi

The clear lake of Liuye, the beautiful arched eyebrows just like willow leaves. Playing the flute under the moon, the boats are chasing the sun. Liuye Lake, so beautiful, clear water runs in front of Baihe Mountain. Liuye Lake, so beautiful, Liu Hai chopping firewood and met his lover.

Boat won't sail if you are not here yet-- Li Guyi

The fortune came above the Chuanzi River, the homesick feeling is still here just like the old street. If you do not come, my flowers won’t blossom, along the Liuye lake, beyond the Love Island.

Liuhai Cutting Woods--- Li Guyi, Jiangkun

Jiang: Hudajie Li: ah Jiang: my wife Li: ah Jiang: who do you compare me to? Li: I compare you to Niulang, no difference. Jiang: then I’m not as good as him! li: you are even better than him. Jiang: Hudajie, you are my wife. Li: Liu Haige, you are my husband. jiang: Hudajie, you follow me. Li: Liu Haige, where do you lead to?