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“There is a Liuye Lake in Changde, and it’s definitely a luxury of Changde people.” The famous scholar Mr. Yu Qiuyu once said at the Liuye Lake. Changde Liuye Lake got its name because the shape of the lake looks like a willow leaf. It is a natural lake formed about 50,000 years ago and belongs to the West Dongting Lake. Located in the northeast of Changde, Hunan Province, Liuye lake is the intersection of Changsha, Nanyue, Yueyang, Shaoshan and Zhangjiajie tourist hotlines. With a total area of 175 square kilometers, of which the water area is 21.8 square kilometers, Changde Liuye Lake Tourist Resort is a complex tourist resort that integrates lake leisure, rural leisure, forest leisure and urban leisure. It is known as “the first lake in China” and “water paradise surrounded by cities”.

Possessing of four major leisure

and holiday resources of “mountain, water, countryside and city”

Liuye Lake Tourist Resort, with its unique advantages in natural resources, is a rare four-in-one composite tourist resort with “mountains, water, countryside and cities” in China. Liuye Lake has a vast water surface with a normal water depth of 3-4 meters. The water quality is maintained at the Class III level all year around and there are 54 kinds of fish resources in total. The main peak of Taiyang Mountain is 568 meters above sea level, which is the highest peak within a few hundred kilometers. The forest coverage rate of the scenic spot is 96%, and there are more than 1,300 kinds of plants. Among them, 33 kinds of plants are rare plants that are protected by the government, thus it’s a natural treasury.

The water quality is maintained at the Class

level all year around

There are


kinds of fish resources in total

The forest coverage rate of the scenic spot is


and there are


kinds of rare plants that are protected by the government

Lake Leisure

Dynamic and passionate experience

Relying on the lake and shoreline, there are leisure attractions likewater theme parkswetland parksbeach parksLiuye Lake International Golf ClubSima BuildingLiuye SailsHuxian IslandLake Scenic Belt (Marathon track)Liuye Poetry WallLiuye Poetry Walleast shore trestle; there are all kinds of water amusement experience projects, such as:golfwooden boatssailing boatsdragon boatsspeedboatspainting boatsjet skiswater bicyclesyachts etc which shows a tendency of “layers of waves sails, and leisure exercise turning the sky” ! The resort hotels here not only provide comfortable and pleasant theme guest rooms with delicious local food, but also offer healthy and fashionable entertainment facilities and thoughtful services, which guarantee our tourists a wonderful and excellent trip.

The scenic Liuye Lake has hosted the sino-us star water competition, Asian kayaking championship,sino-german beach volleyball, national games dragon boat, race international marathon, tour dongting lake cycling league and other top international and domestic events.By the community as" the city surrounded by the water heaven"," one of the best natural playground".

Countryside leisure

The journey of refreshing mind and soul

In Baihe tourist town,the white walls and dark green tiles are expressing the unique ancient charm as one of the numerous beautiful towns in southern China; there are red flowers and green willows in front of the court, which shows the unique fashion style of the town. The town has the scenery of the paradise, the antique atmosphere and the mouth-watering food everywhere.

There is a beautiful village named Sun Valley at the foot of the Taiyang Mountain,and it’s a pure ecological rural tourism demonstration site. There are special leisure farms like Zhengtai organic farm, Jinhehua farm and Chayan old street ecological farms etc. Tourists can participate in a variety of activities like farming, gathering, fishing, making Ciba and killing pigs etc. Friends gathering here can share the joy of relaxing in ecological environment, which will comfort the mind of home sick.

Forest leisure

The journey of healthy and Ecological Experience

Taiyang mountain, a famous Buddhist and Taoist mountain in Changde,has a forest coverage rate of 96% and more than 1300 kinds of plants. It is a natural plant treasury and breathing oxygen bar. Besides its natural scenery, there are countless wonders and spectacles.

On the 600-meter Yangshan murals,the natural sun statues and the Pangu statueshave won the Guinness of the great world in Shanghai. They were awarded the titles of “the oldest Chu people to worship the natural sun statues” and “the most original stone statues”. Moreover, the Yangshan mural was awarded the title of “The Longest Cliff Stone Group – Sun Mountain Mural”. There is also a 5 km long ridged road on the top of the mountain, which is bold and steep.

City leisure

The journey of water style experience

Inside the resort district, along the Chuanzi River,the long Changde River Street is located on one side of the river. In order to guide people to remember history and pay respect to classic local culture, the street gathers a large-scale of catering, local special snacks, folk arts etc, which make the street a place of dinning, entertainment and shopping for locals and tourists; on the other side of the river, there is a Germany town full of exotic style origins from Germany. The colorful interior blocks show the authentic German lifestyle. The different style and delicious food seduce the tourists indulge in it. The establish of water buses between Liuye Lake and Chuanzi River, some newly added water shows and new sightseeing boats make visiting Changde on water become reality.

All kinds of leisure and all kinds of charm

During the spare time of your intensive work and study, please come to the Liuye Lake Tourist Resort. Here, you can choose any activities you like, such as, swim, read, linger on the lake, wandering in the wetland grassland, or fully relax your mind and body in the warm sunshine. A large variety choices of hotels, inns, and homestay resources give you the freedom of accommodation; sports activities, along with nature, high-end health care, and shopping options, our resort provides a leisure vibe of moving but static, traveling but settlled, exciting but easy feeling.

All kinds of leisure and all kinds of charm

After seeing the beautiful scenery, let’s go to experience the local folk customs and gourmet. Liuye Lake has a profound cultural heritage and is one of the birthplaces of Huxiang Jingchu culture. When it comes to the cuisine of Liuye Lake, Hezhou turtle, stone pot fish, potted dishes, Baba in Artemisia leafs , Changde rice noodles, Shimen fat intestines, etc. all make people full of appetite and praise.

Foreigners love Changde rice noodles

Liuye lake special beef rice noodle stew

Enjoy lake view and taste local gourmet

Fishermen in Liuye Lake

Liuye Lake Cuisine: Hezhou Lotus flavored turtle

Liuye Lake Cuisine: Stewed pork in stone pot

Liuye Lake Cuisine: Liuye Lake Bullhead fish

Liuye Lake Cuisine: Duck hot pot

Beautiful Scenery view of Liuye Lake